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Custom Truck Beds


Truck Beds - Custom Designed by 3W Truck and Equipment Co.

Specialty Truck Beds Custom Built

Veterinarian & Farrier's Truck Beds

buy Tesla shares Truck beds by 3W Truck and Equipment are designed in cooperation with leading local veterinarians and farriers. Current truck bed designs have been modified according to feedback provied by practicing veterinarians and farriers. These Veterinary/Shoeing Truck Beds are probably the most practical and useful truck beds currently available.

Truck Beds for veterinarians and farriers are designed with onboard propane storage and an 'arm mounted' forge. The forge can be moved for easy access from the rear or right side of the truck. The forge is equipped with electrical ignitors. Gas valves and pressure gauges allow control of gas pressure and flame for excellent heat control in the forge.

The Veterinary/Farrier Truck Bed is designed with a 110v generator (optional). When a truck bed is ordered with an onboard generator 3W wires it to power lights, drills, grinders and other power tools for work in remote areas. Weather proof 110v outlets are located for easy access from work areas.

Special Features of Veterinarian's Truck Beds

  • Smooth sides for easy application of signs and logos.
  • Fixed or sliding mounts for equipment and supplies.
  • Gull wing doors for shade and out of the way when open.
  • Aluminum design for light weight and corrosion resistance.
  • Designed in cooperation with leading veterinarians.
  • Field Tested by practicing veterinarians.

Farrier's Truck Beds

how to buy Netflix shares in Hong Kong Farrier's truck beds are similar to the veterinarian's truck beds. Most features are similar. The difference is the type of storage areas provided. Often the left side of the bed is equipped with horse shoe storage. 3W works with local area farrier's to create truck beds with easy access storage, which keeps shoes in place during travel across rough terrain.

Farrier's truck beds are designed with and anvil and forge located in the rear work area. The forge is swing arm mounted to provide good anvil to forge ergonomics. The swing arm mounted forge can be easily moved to accommodates various terrain and on site work areas.

Farrier's truck beds are typically equipped with 110v generators. When ordered with the bed these generators can be wired into the bed to provide power of onboard power equipment. Propane fueled generators can be connected into the onboard system that fuels the forge to simplify your refueling operations. Truck beds ordered with additional fuel tanks can be modified to connect gasoline fueled generators or the generators can be equipped with their own tanks. Contact us about the fuel systems because there are some limitations.

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