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Specialty Truck Beds

Specialty Truck Bed: Tommy Gate Liftgates - San Diego/Escondido


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Tommy Gate Truck Bed Installation

Tommy Gates' Original Series liftgates fit compact, mid and full-size pickup trucks. Tommy Gate liftgates fit commercial trucks and vans. 3W Truck and Equipment, in Escondido, CA, can fit Tommy Gates to custom trucks.

The Tommy Gate G2 model is a heavy-duty dual cylinder design liftgate designed to fit most full-size pickup truck applications.

Tommy Gate liftgates for full size pickup typically have a lifting Capacity - 500, 1000 and 1300 lbs. The liftgate capacity one can use depends on the truck. 3W Truck and Equipment provides custom installs that may allow you to use larger capacity liftgates with smaller trucks. There will be additional costs for truck modifications. Call 3W truck and Equipment in Escondido to find out the possibilities and costs.

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Tommy Gate Liftgates

Tommy Gate Liftgate Controls

Shown left is the standard mounted liftgate controls. Easy to use and reach. Controls can also be provided as a detachable control connected via a cord.

Tommy Gate Liftgate Surfaces

Tommy Gate uses Treadplate Steel (TP) as the standard surface for steel liftgates. A Torsion Bar (Closure-Assist) is built into the 2-piece platform to assist in liftgate closure.

As an alternative the Tommy Gate TT model platforms are built with an open diamond pattern steel-grating, for a high grip surface.


Tommy Gate's Aluminum Platforms are comprised of interlocking extrusions of 6061-T6 aircraft-quality aluminum for excellent strength and light-weight contraction. Double-walled construction adds designed strength. Tongue and groove connections are used to avoid unnecessary welding and to provide for easier repair. Tommy Gate uses a Torsion Bar (Closure-Assist) in Aluminum platforms to assist platform closuring.

Tommy Gate design the liftgate surface for company signage. Aluminum provides a nice surface and good looks.

You can see these gates in action on the main Tommy Gate wen site. Tommy Gate Liftgates in Action

3W truck & Equipment provides local service to San Diego and Escondido.

Custom Truck Beds may include hidden features. Ask if you do not see what you want.

Tommy Gate Model 650 Liftgate

Tommy Gate's Model 650 specialty liftgate provides a unique solution to cargo van users. This series of Cargo Van lifts is designed specifically for cargo vans.

There is only one platform for the Tommy Gate Cargo Van Model 650 - it is steel with formed reinforcing ribs. The platform has an automatic open and close feature that brings the platform into the van body for storage or opens it up for loading. Opening (and closing) the platform requires manually folding the platform once. See it in action. Tommy Gate Model 650 in Action.

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If you are in the Carlsbad, San Marcos, Vista, Ramona, San Bernardo, Poway, or Escondido areas call 3W Truck & Equipment for sales, custom installations, or service.

Tommy Gate
Tommy Gate
Tommy Gate

Tommy Gate Dump-Liftgate

Tommy Gate's specialized Lift N Dump gates provide another unique solution to customer needs.

See the dump-liftgate in action: Tommy Gate Lift N Dump

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Tommy Gate Factory Parts

Tommy Gate genuine factory parts are available. Have Tommy Gate parts shipped directly to you.

Depending on the time of day and stock, same day delivery is possible. Shipping and rush fees may apply.

Sand Diego and Escondido residents call 3W Truck and Equipment to schedule liftgate repair and assure parts are in stock to minimize your down time. Ph: 760-743-2466


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