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Truck Bed: Accessory

Air Ride Pin Box

Truck Accessory: Air Ride Pin Box


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Air Ride Pin Box

Air Ride Pin Box

This truck accessory does wonders for passenger comfort.

The load placed on the truck by the trailer is air cushioned reducing vibration and shock.

This can easily be the best truck accessory you ever buy.

Trailair uses industrial strength air bag suspension parts in the construction of this pin box.

Air Suspension Questions

Air Ride Pin Box Photo

Air suspension on the truck and the trailer is a big help in improving ride and handling. Another major improvement can be made by adding an Air Ride Pin Box.

Air Ride Pin Boxes reduce the Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) generated by the forces at the truck to trailer connection.

Actual testing run by Sachs Automotive senior engineer and their NVH specialist show the Trailair® Air Ride Pin Box reduced G-forces in the 0 to 8 hertz range (the range humans are most sensitive to) by about 39% on the trailer side and about 56% at the pin box mounts and about 62% in the truck cab.

By any standard these are significant reductions.

Air Ride Pin Box

This pin box's air bag is a standard part easy available in most areas of the United States. We use a 25C air spring that can be found in Firestone's Ride Rite Catalog. Most suspension shops will have or can get these industrial strength air bags.

Air Suspension Questions

Air Ride Pin Box Styles

Trailair® Pin Boxes adapt to most trailer manufacturer's pin boxes. Most trailer manufacturers purchase pin boxes from Fabex, LeLand, Lippert, Venture or Atwood. For many of these we have an existing up-fit model.

We also have a multi-fit design that is drilled on site to fit the trailer's bolt pattern.

There are 4 basic models used in the industry, Long, Medium, Telescoping and Short. There is a Trailair® Air Ride Pin Box for all types.

Air Suspension Questions
Air Ride Pin Box Measurements

Trailair® Pin Boxes adapt to most trailers. If the make and model of the pin box is known, it is a simple matter to order the correct Trailair® Pin Box.

In some cases it may not be possible to know what brand the trailer manufacturer used. In that case three basic measurements are needed to figure which Trailair® Pin Box is needed for an up-fit.

Air Suspension Questions

Air Ride Pin Box Measurements

Trailair® Pin Boxes as shown have a valve stem for manual inflation of the air spring.

Air Suspension Questions

Air Ride Pin Box Measurements

Air Ride Pin Boxes provide considerable forward extension to the trailer's normal king pin. This provides more truck to trailer clearance for sharpe turns. THe clearance greatly enhances maneuvering when backing a trailer.

Air Suspension Questions



Air Suspension Questions?

Air Suspension - ? Compressor ?

The pin box does not require an onboard air compressor. It is highly recommended. If your truck does not already have onboard compressed air, any portable air compressor that can deliver 80 to 120 psi, will work well. The volume of air needed varies with trailer weight, air bag size, and the ride height to be maintained.

There is a standard tire fill valve on the top side of the air bag. Adding air is no more complicated than filling your tires.

What happens if air pressure is lost?

Only three things can cause air loss. The air bag fitting, the fill valve, or the air bag itself can fail and result in air loss. Leaks can be detected by spraying the air bag, valve and fitting with soapy water and watching for bubbles.

However you can tow with absolutely no air in the spring. The pin box is designed with mechanical stops to protect the shock, air bag and other mechanical parts. Ride will only deteriorate to the quality you had before installing the air ride pin box.

Are the Air Bag and Shock standard shelf parts?

Goodyear and Firestone make the air bags (air springs). They can be found in their industrial catalogs. Monroe and Sachs make the shocks for the pin box manufacturer. The shock is made with special valving suited to Trailair® special needs. So, while it is possible to get similar shocks, it is best to order replacements from Trailair® and Trailair dealers.

How much does the air suspension move?

The pin box is designed to move one inch and down one inch. Total travel is 2 inches at the king pin. The front of the scissor action moves up and down about 1-1/2 inches for 3 inches of travel.


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