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Video Equipped Horse Trailer

Video Equipped Horse Trailer - Watch your horses as you drive.
Avoid injuries and catch problems early.

This eight-stall trailer is equipped with eight low light, high-resolution video cameras. Video controls are located in the trailer's tack room. The video monitor is installed with an overhead cab mount. Click the images at the left for larger pictures.

Parade/Round Robin Display: Set 2 to 8 video cameras active with a flick of the switches on the control panel. Set a time per video camera and the system automatically switches to the next active camera when the timer expires.

In Trailer Audio: Each camera has a quality microphone. Typically only one microphone is active, still all sound in the trailer is transmitted to the cab mounted display screen. Volume is adjustable.

In Trailer 110v AC: Video Cameras are powered by 110v AC power. A power inverter is mounted in the trailer tack room to avoid any possible 110v connection problems in the trailer connectors.

Easy Connect Couplings: All connections are quick connects and 12v DC. Thanks to an in-trailer power inverter no 110v power is at the couplings. The wiring is designed to keep wire leads neat and simple.