Veterinary Truck Beds

Designed in cooperation with leading local veterinarians. Current designs have been modified according to actual use by practicing veterinarians. These Veterinary Truck Beds are about the most practical and useful beds currently available.

This Veterinary Truck Bed is designed with on board propane storage and an 'arm mounted' forge. The forge can be moved for easy access from the rear or right side. The forge is equipped with electrical ignitors. Gas valves and pressure gauges allow control of gas pressure and flame for excellent heat control in the forge.

The Veterinary Truck Bed is designed with storage for a generator. The on board generator powers lights, drills, grinders and other power tools for work in remote areas.


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Truck Beds for Veterinarians

These truck beds are custom designed just for veterinarians. Some of the more popular features are:

  • Smooth sides for easy application of signs and logos.
  • Fixed or sliding mounts for equipment and supplies.
  • Gull wing doors for shade and out of the way when open.
  • Aluminum design for light weight and corrosion resistance.
  • Designed in cooperation with leading veterinarians.
  • Field Tested by practicing veterinarians.

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#1 Veterinary Truck Bed
Veterinary Truck Bed

Custom Veterinary Truck Bed

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