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Veterinarian/Farrier's Truck Bed

Veterinarian's Aluminum Truck Bed
Chevy - 5 Door - 4 Box


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Note: images are labeled (e.g., A12-4) so you may select features from any bed for use with any other bed.

Make a note of the image labels before calling for faster easier service.

Truck bed features listed are optional.

These are custom truck beds. Features shown and others are optional and may be modified to suite your needs.



Custom Veterinarian Truck Bed

Custom bed mounted on a Chevy. Smooth aluminum can be painted to match truck.

Truck bed shown with 2 front and 2 rear under bed boxes.

Bed includes many custom features only found on 3W truck beds. Our years of experience put ahead of the competition.


Veterinarian's truck bed with 9 lockable doors - single key.

4 under bed boxes.

5 main doors, all secure. Suitable for onboard computer.


This truck bed features bi-fold doors. These doors provide extra clearance for use inside stables and barns.

Truck Bed Detail

This truck bed has looks and plenty of storage.

Truck bed shown is equipped w/40" slide trays and drawers mounted w/stainless-steel and ball-bearing draw slides, all heavy duty.

Truck bed has bi-fold doors made of custom designed heavy aluminum frame. Shown right, half open.


Truck bed features an onboard Manchester propane tank. All sizes available. Equipped w/adjustable regulator for compatibility with most forges.

Solid or swing mount anvils. Bumper mount available.



Truck bed features propane gauge, value and forge connect in easy access locations. Also shown left is hot water tap.

Truck bed is Equipped w/internal lighting for night use. Switches show are located on both rear posts for easy access. Plus each light has a switch.


Truck bed features a swing arm mounted forge. Slide mount forge available. All brands of forge available.

Truck bed shown features a 30" slide out work surface.


Deep drawers and extra large drawer for medicine bottles.

Truck bed is Equipped with a tri-power refrigerator, 12v, 110v or propane. Manual and automatic power source switching available.


Veterinarian Truck Beds - General Information


3W Truck and Equipment's custom truck beds are designed in combination with our experience and the experience of our customers. Their suggestions are initially incorporated in their design and then added to our list of neat features for all future construction. You get the benefit of our experience and knowledge and that of other veterinarians.

Truck Bed Lighting

  • Clearance and running lights are ICC standard or better.
    • Lights are sealed beam.
    • LED lights are available on request.
  • Interior truck bed lights are 12v thin light RV style lights.
    • Each individual light has its own on/off switch.
    • Additional light controls are mounted on each rear post to control light groups.
    • Drawer lights can be included to avoid dark corners and make contents easily visible.
    • Provision for 12v or 110v operation is available.

Truck Bed Security

Separate or integrated security systems are available. Typically the truck cab and truck bed security are integrated into one system. Truck bed doors can be Equipped with door open detectors and motion detectors are also available. 3W can supply alarm systems or fit to most dealer supplied systems. Check with 3W to find out how get the best deal for your truck bed.

Truck Bed Utilities

Veterinarian and Farrier's truck beds have special needs. 3W has provide support for most of these specialized requirements. All features are optional and some features are not available on some beds. Contact us for detailed information on which truck beds can use which features.

  • Water
    • On board water tanks - various capacities available depending on other design factors.
    • Hot and Cold water - heating provided by various means depending on the capacity, delivery rate and other truck bed options. Refrigerated water available.
    • Tap locations can be custom located.
    • Quick connect fittings available.
  • Electrical
    • 12 volt standard. Other voltages available.
    • 110 volt available by onboard generator or connection to local power. Limited 110v power available by 12v inverter only for specific applications.
    • 12v chargers available for truck beds equipped with auxiliary generator.
    • Generators available as diesel, gasoline or propane fueled. Separate or integrated fuel tank systems available.
  • Lighting
    • Running and clearance lights are ICC standard or better.
    • 12v sealed beam standard with LED available.
    • Interior lights are individually switched and group switched with group controls on both rear posts. Custom lighting configurations available.
    • 12v & 110v RV style lighting available. Manual or automatic 12v to 110v switching available.
    • Incandescent thin lights standard and fluorescent thin lights available.
    • Special directional lighting is available for illumination of nearby work areas.
  • Refrigeration
    • Refrigerators by various manufacturer's available.
    • Maximum size is dependent on various design factors and power sources available. 3W can probably provide whatever you need.
    • Units may be powered by single or multiple sources. Electrical 12v, 110v, and propane available depending requirements.
    • Automatic and manual power source switching available.
  • Heating
    • While these beds are typically designed for use in the southwestern United States and Mexico, we can adapt them to other areas per your specifications. Space heating within the bed is not a standard feature.
    • Select forges from most manufacturers are available for veterinarian and farrier's truck beds.
  • Video
    • Video cameras and cab mounted screens are available to assist in single person backing and connecting trailers.
    • In trailer cameras and cab mounted screens are available to monitor livestock during transport. These units can be equipped with sound.

Weather Resistant

3W Truck and Equipment designs their truck beds to resist weather. This does not make them immune to the effests of weather.

  • Rain Resistant: All welds and joints are sealed. All doors and openings are sealed to resist rain and dust.

Disclaimer: All reasonable measures are taken to prevent weather related leaks and problems. High pressure water jets (car wash style) may force some water through the seals. Unusual storms and high winds may force some water through the seals. High speed travel during heavy rain may force some water through the seals. Truck beds will also leak when submerged. Under bed and other boxes are designed with drains to allow an escape path for water. These drains will allow the entrance of water during high water crossings or when otherwise submerged.

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