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Fifth Wheel Truck Beds

Specialty Truck Bed: Flat Hauler w/Boxes


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Fifth Wheel Aluminum Flat Deck Truck Bed


Fifth Wheel Flat Deck Truck Bed

  • Flat deck bed
  • Under bed boxes
  • Aluminum headache rack
  • Reversible ball hitch (see Fifth Wheel Hitch)
  • Easy mount steps

This hitch is completely removable leaving a clean deck for other uses when not towing.

Custom Fifth Wheel Truck Bed

This fifth wheel hauler is equipped with a Warn winch. Winches are a handy addition for those towing through inclement weather. Show lots can become a hassle in rain storms and spring weather.

These winches are mounted out of the way. Additional frame eyes for towing were added to this truck.

Fifth Wheel w/Under Bed Boxes
This fifth wheel hauler custom truck bed has under bed boxes and a step. The step is located near the cab to allow the passenger or driver to easily step up to the bed.
Under Bed Boxes for Fifth Wheel Truck Beds
Dual water resistant under bed boxes are shown here.

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